Lakers Favorites For NBA Title According to Sportsbooks

There's been a whole mess of offseason moves by the contenders for the 2009-2010 NBA crown, and while the maneuvering isn't nearly complete yet, it looks like nothing is going to change as far as the oddsmakers are concerned. Lakers remain tops, followed in various order by the Cavs, Celts, Magic, and Spurs.

At MGM/Mirage, the Lakers are an 8-5 favorite to win the NBA title, followed by the Boston Celtics, and recent addition Rasheed Wallace, at 3-1, and the Cleveland Cavaliers, with Shaquille O'Neal joining LeBron James, at nearly 4-1. The Orlando Magic are 13-2 and the San Antonio Spurs are 7-1.

"We didn't change anything when they got Artest, and if they lose Odom it'll just be a wash," said Jay Kornegay, executive director of the Las Vegas Hilton's Race and Sports book, which has the Lakers as the 2-1 favorite over the 3-1 Cavaliers and 5-1 Celtics.