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Robot Chicken: Star Wars tops this week's picks


Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II

(Adult Swim)

The second installment of Robot Chicken's stop-motion Star Wars tribute is just as hilarious as the first (best is Attack of the Clones' Geonosian battle reimagined as a monster-truck rally). All your favorite characters show up: Boba Fett, Darth Vader, Jar Jar. This DVD includes 15 additional minutes not shown on TV.


The Bigs 2

(2K Sports)

Yeah, MLB: The Show and 2K's Major League Baseball series are pretty damn real. But sometimes you just wanna slug away like a superhuman. That's where this fun game (for pretty much every videogame system out there) steps up with tons of crazy gameplay (gravity-defying leaps, speed-barrier-shattering home runs). The mini-games hit a grand slam too.


Fight Night Round 4

(EA Sports)

This has always been one of the all-time best boxing sims. The latest outing (for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360) is now the greatest. Speaking of the greatest, all the champs — including Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson — are here. It's the most realistic boxing game out there. Best of all, the knockout career mode lets you build a fighter from training to championship bout.


Mystery Science Theater 3000:

Volume XV

(Shout! Factory)

The latest four-disc box starring smartass robots and some of the worst movies ever made pulls a quartet of shows from the series' run (including MST3K's second ep). The films — especially The Robot Vs. the Aztec Mummy and The Girl in Lovers Lane — are awful. The Satellite of Love crew's onscreen commentary makes 'em better.


Wednesday Comics


Newspapers may be dying, but this new weekly paper featuring some of DC's biggest heroes (Superman, Batman, Sgt. Rock) is full of life. The color newsprint makes the comic panels pop from the page; the stories make you want to pick up the next issue. Each paper is 16 pages and includes a little bit of everything from the DC universe. It sure beats Family Circus.

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