Injured Old Guys in Aerosmith Cancel Tour


This should come as no surprise: Aerosmith has canceled their summer tour.

Let's recap:

Guitarist Joe Perry had a knee replaced last year. He's been hobbling around with a cane.

Guitarist Brad Whitford bumped his head on his Ferrari and had to miss some shows.

Bassist Tom Hamilton dropped off the tour because of some "non-invasive surgery." (He was diagnosed with throat cancer three years ago.)

And the coup de grace: Last week, singer Steven Tyler fell off a stage while dancing to the music in his head.

If you're keeping score, that leaves drummer Joey Kramer — the only guy who needs to be sitting down throughout the show anyway — as the only functioning member of the band.

So, again: No big surprise that Aerosmith canceled their tour due to Tyler's injuries.

That means no Blossom concert, fans. Ticket refunds are available at point of purchase. —Michael Gallucci