Bon Jovi's New Single Is a Big Lie


Did you hear Bon Jovi's new single?

It's called "We Weren't Born to Follow," and it was released to radio yesterday.

We find this beyond hilarious, because Bon Jovi has pretty much made a career following music templates laid down by other, better artists (starting with Bruce Springsteen and ending with whatever country-pop guy they ripped off on their last album).

The song — which is from the band's upcoming album The Circle, coming out on November 10 — features typical Bon Jovi radio-anthem polish and rah-rah lyrics like "When life is a bitter pill to swallow, you got to hold on to what you believe/Believe that the sun will shine tomorrow, and that your saints and sinners bleed."


Sounds like they're following a book of inspirational clichés your mom reads every morning to get her through the day. —Michael Gallucci