A Sexy Jim Brown Item From eBay Takes the Blog Into a Long Break


In case you haven't noticed — and there's no reason to think that you should have — this blog's been kind of slow recently as Other Real Work has invaded on blogging time. As of this afternoon, that's not the case anymore. Unfortunately, as of this afternoon, this blog is officially taking a break until next Tuesday as I spend money I don't have on golf and a friend's wedding.

As a consolation, we'll let the image that will be at the top of the blog until next Tuesday morning be this movie promo from The Slip, starring a sexy Jim Brown.

There's an auction on eBay featuring a couple of movie posters from Jim Brown's acting days, The Slip being one of them, and the other being El Condor, which looks like a blockbuster.

These are the perfect gifts for that special lady in your life, and with six days until the auction ends, you have plenty of time to score these romantic pieces of Jim Brown nostalgia and get the perfect frames for them.