First Offense Play 10th Birthday Show


First Offense will play a 10th birthday show on Saturday at Annabell's (784 W. Market St., Akron). The set will feature old favorites and appearances by friends like Rachel Logic of Dropgun, who will also play the show. Doors open at 9 p.m.

Scene talked to frontman Dan Doverspike, who’s the last remaining original member.

What are you doing for the set?
Were going to be playing some oldies not heard for years. In addition we hope to bring a few ex-members onstage to sing some songs with us, including Rachel Logic from Dropgun. We'll also be giving away some compilation CDs from labels such as Street Anthem, Earwax Factory and United Riot.

What do you consider your career highpoint?
We've had a great time this last 10 years. We got to play and meet our heroes, including Wattie from the Exploited, Marky Ramone, Roger Miret. But the two high points for me were our stint on the 2005 Hudson Falcons tour, probably my all-time favorite band. And the recent excitement of after 10 years playing getting noticed by an established label such as Dim Records out of Germany. Were really looking forward to the upcoming CD/LP release. Its a split with the Toledo band CL-1

Low point?
Lots of low points. We've been through over two dozen members, and that is probably indicative of the amount of low points that we have had. Here’s some highlights: Van broken into twice. Drove 12 hours to play show with [former nu-Misifits singer] Michael Graves, who showed up a day late. Threatened with lawsuits by some dorky Canadian art dude because the guys we had do the artwork for our CD allegedly just Photoshopped someone else’s artwork. On our first tour we were young — I was 17 — and I think we put a bit too much faith in the van we purchased for $700. We broke down after the third show. The rest of America never got to here how kick-ass we were that summer.

What's the state of Akron punk in 2009?

Pretty awesome, thanks to Annabell’s Lounge, for supporting with the hosting punk rock shows and our weekly Tuesday night Punk Night, where I share DJ duties DJ Feeney. Great bands such as Dropgun, the Misery Jackals, the Alleycasters, Criminal Menacing and the 3 Strikes, Ellen Degenerate, Weird Penis, and Five and Dimers make it great to be playing punk rock here in Akron. We’re not the biggest city in the world, but we got soul. —D.X. Ferris