Johnny Manziel Continues to be a Huge Brat on His So-Called #ComebackSZN


After nearly two years off the field, good ol' Johnny Football is back to prove that he still hasn't learned from his past mistakes and that his holier than thou attitude is well intact. The former first round draft pick may still have the winningest record as a Browns' quarterback since 2015 (with a whopping 2 wins), but his douche-bro antics off the field helped put a quick end to his NFL career.

While appearing on The Dan Patrick Show, Manziel discussed his rookie year and proceeded to blame his failure on the Browns' staff rather than his history of drug use, a preference for partying over practicing or that time he missed a game because he was getting trashed in Las Vegas.
If Cleveland did any of their homework, they would have known that I was a guy that didn’t come in every day and watch film. I was a guy that didn’t really know the X’s and O’s of football,” said Manziel. “Nobody was there, like helping me go over the X’s and O’s, and it was hard. I struggled. - Johnny Manziel
It appears that Manziel's redemption tour has hit a bump in the road after failing to hold himself accountable for his own actions. Once news outlets began picking up Manziel's ridiculous blame game, he took to twitter to backpedal as hard as possible while simultaneously still trying to share the load with Cleveland.

The Browns may have made a mistake in drafting the first freshman to ever with the Heisman trophy, but Manziel is solely responsible for his exit with the NFL. We all know the Browns have some serious problems that need fixing if they ever want to be a respected team again, but Manziel's actions continue to showcase his extremely immature patterns of behavior. Rather than just owning up to the personal issues that led to his departure, he continued to place blame on the locker room and the staff before tying it together with a "but I blame me too" bow.

In addition to marketing hoodies for his #COMEBACKSZN, the alleged domestic abuser is currently prepping for the developmental spring league in an attempt for a second shot at the NFL.