It Was Apparently Raining $100 Bills on I-71 Earlier Today

There are few details at the moment but the ones we do have are tantalizing.

Earlier this afternoon, it appears "bunches" of $100 bills were flying out of the open passenger side window of a car driving on I-71 near West 25th St., showering the asphalt like the stage at a strip club. It was "raining" money and motorists were stopping their cars to GET OUT ON THE HIGHWAY TO PICK UP THE MONEY, chasing it like desperate contestants in one of those cash-grab tube games. Because, totally worth it, right?

Calls were placed to the Cleveland second district to sort out the situation.

So many questions remain: Was it real money? Was it intentionally dropped? Who would sprint onto a multi-lane highway for a few bucks? If it was real, who had the biggest haul? What line does that go on for taxes?  Did Tyler Naquin forget to roll up his window while hightailing it to the strip club real quick before the game tonight?

Those answers and more hopefully coming soon.