New Silverspot Cinema to Offer High-End Boutique Movie Theater Experience at Pinecrest

click to enlarge New Silverspot Cinema to Offer High-End Boutique Movie Theater Experience at Pinecrest
Rendering by Alexis Cogul Lleonart
Among the retail businesses opening up shop at the new Pinecrest development in Orange Village this spring — REI, Whole Foods, Williams & Sonoma, Vineyard Vines, etc. — is an upscale boutique movie theater called Silverspot Cinema.

Silverspot, which is based in Naples, Fla., has three locations in the sunshine state (Naples, Miami and Coconut Creek) and one in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. But this will be its first location in the Great Lakes region for the growing theater chain. In addition to the Pinecrest location, which will open in June, Silverspot will be arriving in suburban Atlanta and Brookfield, Wisconsin, in 2019.

What differentiates Silverspot from mainstream competitors like AMC, Cinemark and Regal, says VP of Programming and Strategic Partnerships Randi Emerman, in a phone interview with Scene, is what she calls a "customer-centric" experience.

"We want to take care of you from the moment you come in until the moment you leave," she says.

At Silverspot, which doubles as a bar and restaurant, customers can reserve their seats and order all refreshments ahead of time. When they arrive, they'll be served at their seats. Emerman adds that, unlike other theaters which serve to seated customers, Silverspot won't serve once the movie has begun.

"We want our customers to enjoy the film," she says. "So we encourage people to arrive 20-30 minutes before it starts."

Emerman says Silverspot prides itself on its technology. There will be no box office, for example. All ticketing will be handled through an app and customer kiosks. Emerman believes that the "architecturally hip" environment (see rendering above) will invite people to have a beer or an appetizer, even if they don't plan on staying for a movie.

"This is going to be a really different experience," she says.

Silverspot will have 10 screens with auditoriums ranging in size from 38 seats to about 150. All screens will feature laser digital projection and all auditoriums will feature luxury recliners (about which we've written before.)

In addition to mainstream blockbusters — "We all love Black Panther. We all love The Avengers," Emerman says — Silverspot will feature a steady diet of indie releases and foreign fare. "We also love The Florida Project," she says. 

New releases will appear alongside one-night specialty programs (operas, ballets, etc.) and monthly film events that Emerman hopes will include panels of local experts to discuss films and engage with audiences.

She mentions, by way of example, the documentary Women of the Venezuelan Chaos, which Emerman says toured Silverspot locations for its North American premieres and included discussions with local professors. She said last year, Silverspot hosted a series of Spaghetti Westerns and offered spaghetti on the menu. 

Emerman says that ticket prices may be a couple dollars more than other theaters — "nothing earth-shattering" — but that food and beverage offerings will be comparable to nearby bars and restaurants.

"This is a place you'll want to be," she says. "It's a wonderful experience. Your seat is waiting."