Amazon Introduces In-Car Package Delivery in 37 Cities, Including Cleveland, For Super Lazy People

Photo by Mike Seyfang/Flickr
Since we already live in a world where we allow our Amazon delivery people to enter our actual homes even while we're not there, the company is now offering an option that allows packages to delivered directly into your car.

In-car delivery services are now available to (extremely trusting) Amazon Prime subscribers in 37 cities across the US, including Cleveland, starting today.

Here's how it works: the service is only compatible with General Motors and Volvo cars that have active OnStar or Volvo On Call accounts. Amazon will use these connected technologies to allow couriers entry into the vehicles. This means that cars do not need to be left unlocked. Customers then leave their car in any of their regular parking spots, such as a home or office, and just wait as their Amazon orders magically appear in their trunk.

So in case you don't feel like making your way to an Amazon Locker pickup location, answering your doorbell, letting a delivery person inside of your house, or going to an actual store, you can just let a stranger unlock your car while you're not around. Because at this point, we might as well.

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