Why Wasn't This Song a Hit?

Two years ago, I Nine had a major-label record deal, an iTunes Single of the Week and band-to-watch status. Then the song stalled on the charts, the album never got a CD release, and the North Carolina band disappeared from everyone's radars.

Why? "Seven Days of Lonely" was one of my favorite songs of 2008, and the rest of the album, Heavy Weighs the King, was very likable pop-rock. Why didn't I Nine break out? Was it the cello player? Was it the the fact that Chad Kroeger produced one of their songs? It certainly wasn't singer Carmen Keigans' fault — she's strong throughout the album.

You can watch "Seven Days of Lonely" above. It's a great song. Hopefully it will be rediscovered and become the monster hit it should have been the first time around. —Michael Gallucci