KeSha Puts an End to Our Nightmare


Well, I was wrong. No, not about Thirty Seconds to Mars. They still suck. I was wrong about Susan Boyle's time at the top of Billboard's album chart.

One week after I wrote that Susan Boyle's I Dreamed a Dream would be at the top for a few more weeks, Ke$ha's Animal debuts at No. 1.

I should've know. I probably heard "TiK ToK" 55,000 times over the holidays. Girl was everywhere.

And while Animal isn't as addictive as Lady Gaga's The Fame, it certainly beats Boyle's album. Ke$ha's first-week stats are coming close to beating Boyle's too. impressive too.

Animal is also at the top of the Digital Albums chart, checking in with the best-ever digital-album sales by a new artist. It's the biggest debut for an artist's first album released in January too Plus, Ke$ha is the first artist to have a No. 1 debut album and a No. 1 debut single since 2008's Leona Lewis double-score. (Music geeks are just as bad as baseball fans when it comes to this shit.)

It helped that Ke$ha was all over TV last week, appearing on countless talk shows (including The Tonight Show; yay, Team Conan!) to perform "TiK ToK."

Since I'm not too good at this, I don't want to guess what next's week album chart will look like. But I'm pretty sure Vampire Weekend will debut high. Whatever it takes to keep Boyle (No. 2 this week) from returning to the top. Unless it's Thirty Seconds to Mars. That would blow.—Michael Gallucci