New Homage Swag: 10-Cent Beer, Columbus Horizon


We're not going to see any commemorative gear remembering 10-Cent Beer Night from the Indians or anything that could be remotely considered official MLB gear. Thankfully, Homage Clothing knows people want this shit.

They've also got a great Columbus Horizon shirt. What are the Horizon?

The Columbus Horizon is a defunct basketball team from Columbus, Ohio that played for five seasons in the Continental Basketball Association in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

In 1989, the CBA league championship trophy was named the Jay Ramsdell Trophy to honor the memory of an extraordinary young man who, prior to his tragic death in a plane crash, had become the youngest commissioner in the history of professional sports. In addition to this incredible milestone, Ramsdell was instrumental in laying the groundwork for a CBA franchise for Columbus.

Defunct basketball teams and infamous cheap bear debauchery. Can't get better than that. Well, actually it can. Portions of every t-shirt sale from Homage are going to relief efforts in Haiti. Look good, be good.