The Simpsons 20th season tops this week's picks


The Simpsons Season 20

(Twentieth Century Fox)

The Simpsons celebrates its 20th anniversary with its first batch of HD episodes on its inaugural Blu-ray set. All 21 episodes from the 2008-09 season are on these four discs, including a funny Da Vinci Code spoof. Plus, Homer and Ned become bounty hunters.


Army of Two: The 40th Day


You gotta play this third-person shooter (for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3) with a pal in co-op mode. As a pair of mercenaries in war-torn Shanghai, you and your friend must stop a madman rolling toward — what else? — world domination. Biggest challenge: choosing along the way whether to have a heart or be a cold-blooded killer. Decisions, decisions!


The Bourne Trilogy


Universal kicks off its new dual-format discs (Blu-ray on one side, DVD on the other) with three movies that look great either way. The Bourne Identity and The Bourne Supremacy are terrific action thrillers, but The Bourne Ultimatum is the classic. James Bond was never this exciting.




No wonder director Duncan Jones nails his debut movie about a psychological space odyssey: His dad, David Bowie, sang about the same subject 40 years ago. Sam Rockwell plays an astronaut at the end of a three-year space mission, where his only companion is a talking computer. It's like a cool mash-up of 2001, Silent Running and Major Tom.


Phish: The Biography

(Da Capo)

Writer Parke Puterbaugh has spent the past 15 years covering Phish, often as the band's official biographer. So his book is stuffed with insider details — from their early barnyard gigs to last year's massive reunion shows. He touches on frontman Trey Anastasio's recent drug problems, but mostly The Biography is about the music and the band's (and fans') relationship to it.

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