2/17: Eric Sardinas at the Wincester

Eric Sardinas is a guitarist of rare power and raw passion. The Fort Lauderdale native began playing at the age of six (he started out as a leftie but ultimately switched to a right-handed style). Very early in his guitar education, he found inspiration in Delta blues icons like Charlie Patton, Robert Johnson and Son House, as well as in gospel, Motown and R&B. By the time Sardinas released his 1999 debut, Treat Me Right, he had spent six years busking on Los Angeles street corners and playing 10 months out of the year with the Eric Sardinas Project, filtering his influences through an affinity for hard rock. By 2008’s Big Motor, Sardinas was pushing his blues in every direction — from Delta, British rock and country blues to Southern soul, boogie and gospel. If you’ve ever wondered where Jimi Hendrix might have traveled if he was still alive, take a trip with Sardinas when he plays the Winchester (12112 Madison Ave., 216.226.5681). Joanne Shaw Taylor opens at 9 p.m. Tickets: $15. — Brian Baker