Carlos Jones Spreads Java Vibe

Good caffeine vibrations
  • Good caffeine vibrations

Carlos Jones has long been spreading positive vibrations around the greater Cleveland area and beyond — first during his 14-year stint with First Light (who broke up in 1998), and currently with his own P.L.U.S. Band.

Now, in addition to his sunny, feel-good reggae music, Jones will be offering fans Carlos Jones Positive Vibrations Gourmet Coffee. It’s currently on sale at his gigs and will soon be available to schools and nonprofits to use as a fundraiser. He’s following in the footsteps of late local Latin jazz icon Roberto Ocasio, who developed his own salsa and folkie Alex Bevan who has a line of pickles.

“This was really Larry’s brainchild,” says Jones, referring to Larry Koval of Little Fish Records, which distributes Jones’ music. “He made all the connections and put it together. I definitely can get behind it. I appreciate a good cup of coffee.”

Koval worked with Berardi’s Coffee in North Royalton to come up with a distinctive blend.

Personally, Jones says, “I like dark roasts. I really like those rich flavorful coffees. I love my first cup in the morning, and usually one is enough. Sometimes in the afternoon if I feel I like I’m dragging, I’ll have a second cup. But I love that first wake-up jolt. There’s something pleasurable about it.”

Meanwhile, Jones is making plans for his trip to Jamaica with Columbus’ Ekoostik Hookah April 17-24 for jamrock 2010, a tour that gives fans an opportunity to hear and hang out with the two Ohio acts in a variety of informal situations in the beautiful setting of Negril.

Although Jones will be going without his band, he says, “They’re going to get some Jamaican guys to sit in with me, and we’ll do some stuff on the fly.” —Anastasia Pantsios