Good Luck Finding Reasonably Priced Tickets for Cavs Snuggie Game


If secondary market ticket pricing is any indication, lots and lots of people really, really want the Cavs Snuggie that will be given out at Friday's game against the Pistons. A weekend affair against lowly Detroit is suddenly commanding dollars normally reserved for marquee match-ups or playoff games, and all for a piece of novelty fleece.

Stubhub? Cheapest tickets — row 15 of section 213 — are going for $90 each.

Flash Seats? Minimum of about $100 in the rafters.

And if you think those prices are just a reflection of what sellers think they can get right now and that prices will drop in the coming days and no one in their reasonable mind is going to shell out $100 for crappy tickets, check eBay. Auctions for tickets in the nosebleeds are getting bids in the $80-$100 a ticket range. (This auction is at $65/ticket for seats in section 217, but that's going to go up.)

All for a Snuggie, which retails around $20.

Listen, kids, I know part of the draw of the promotion is being there and officially be part of the world record, but $100 is a bit much, no?

I wonder how much the Cavs Snuggies will go for on eBay. Over/under $50?

In the meantime, if you don't want to plop down the dough for the giveaway, this Cavs "Snuggler" is available for $27.49. Sure, it's not a "Snuggie," but does it really make a difference?

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