Color us not so surprised. It took The Onion to capture to the essence House Minority Leader John Boehner’s approach to politics. The congressman from Ohio’s 8th district has blurred the line between reality and parody for a long time.

In a mock (?) editorial titled “My Constituents Care Way More About Political Gamesmanship Than Jobs, Health Care and the Economy,” “Boehner” says, among other things, “If I ever worked across the aisle to help thousands of uninsured Ohioans receive health care, I wouldn't be able to look them in the eye. How could I explain to them that I abandoned the idiotic yet politically fruitful claim that Barack Obama is a socialist bent on destroying the American way of life? How could I admit to them that deficit spending is the only way to get us out of an economic crisis perpetuated by my party's disastrous fiscal ideology? How could I tell them I stopped obsessing over scoring petty political points right before the midterm election? How could I stop being the greedy, myopic scumbag they elected me to be?”

Sounds pretty believable to us. — Anastasia Pantsios