Money Where Your Mouth Is: Trap House Rave


This is the part of C-Notes where we shut up and let a band explain why you need them, for reasons that may or may not include fair access and the fact that we’re camping out to get a good spot at the Map Room for St. Pat’s day. This week: white-dood rap crew Trap House Rave. —D.X. Ferris

Band:: Trap House Rave!


Hometown: Cleveland

Sounds Like: “N.W.A’s gangsterism laced with *NSYNCs raw sex appeal. And just a hint of oregano."

Fun Fact: “Members of Trap House Rave! are directly responsible for a least four divorces and countless breakups. Chicks dig us!”

Playing: Wednesday, March 17 (St. Patrick’s Day), at Peabody’s

Why You Need to See Them: “If you're a single lady, MILF or cougar on the prowl, we'd love to say hello and possibly make you breakfast on the 18th. If you're anyone else ... well, it's a free show! What have you got to lose except your self respect?” —Kolgate, lead vocals