Napoleon Dynamite Lives (And He's a Bobcat)

I see a guy busting a move with no dance partner and I'm immediately thinking of Napoleon Dynamite (watch the clip, you know you want to). I suppose this is true for people my age (at least the cool ones), whereas an older generation might have thought of John Travolta or Patrick Swayze. Granted, Napoleon's not even in the same zip code in real dance talent as the other two, but that's sorta the point — it was earnest and surprisingly graceful and all about overcoming acute self-awareness, something, I suppose, neither Captain Scientologist's nor Swayze's character was very concerned with.

Ok, so maybe only dorky, shy guys who can't dance think of Napoleon first.

He was very much on my mind though this weekend as I took in a trio of MAC tournament games at the Q. I also was thinking about something Chuck Klosterman said on a podcast with Simmons awhile ago. I'm paraphrasing (heavily) but the gist was something like this: When he turns on a WAC game late at night on ESPNU or another contest of that ilk, he thinks about how big that moment is for the kids on the court. Not that it's the most important moment of their lives, but hell, it's kind of cool — they're on TV, on ESPN, and who cares if they don't play for Duke or Kentucky or Kansas. It's a helluva thing, really.

Even if you're dancing.

There's really no set-up or background for this video beyond those thoughts. I saw the OU Bobcats place twice this weekend, and each time I, and the rest of the small group I was with, was mesmerized by the solo male dancer on the Bobcats' dance team. He wasn't particularly good, he wasn't particularly bad, but he was earnest and not self-aware and surprisingly graceful and the crowd loved him.

It's no ESPN, but it's what I got. Take it away, Napoleon.