Kid Cudi on HBO Recap

No, really. Have you heard my album?
  • "No, really. Have you heard my album?"

Kid Cudi on HBO Recap is a weekly summary of HBO's new dramedy How to Make It in America, focusing exclusively on the supporting character Domingo Brown, some nebulous dude with a hot girlfriend. He’s played by Cleveland-bred rapper/actor Chris "Kid" Mescudi.

Cudi wasn’t on the show this week, which was episode five of eight.

The Internet Movie Database says Cudi will appear in five episodes. He’s appeared in three so far.

So in the final weeks, it looks like everything will be coming up Cudi.

In a larger supporting role is Luis Guzmán (Boogie Nights, Out of Sight, Waiting). We’ve made the point before, but he totally deserves his own series. An FX dramedy like Rescue Me would be ideal. —D.X. Ferris