Around Hear: Midnight Syndicate Goes to Video

And more local music news

After 13 spooky years, Midnight Syndicate finally have a music video to go with their self-described "Halloween music." The creepy clip debuted last week in St. Louis at the TransWorld 15th Halloween & Attractions Show. The "Dark Legacy" video was directed by David Greathouse, whose credits include Mushroomhead's "12Hundred." He also contributed special effects makeup on The Dead Matter, the movie Syndicate co-founder Edward Douglas co-wrote and directed. The DVD and soundtrack album are scheduled for release in July. A new trailer and the video will be online soon at

Ohio Sky and Forged in Flame will release a split 7-inch vinyl EP, Forged in Ohio, on Saturday, April 3, at House of Blues' Cambridge Room (308 Euclid Ave.). Both groups recorded with Ben Schigel (Chimaira, Walls of Jericho) at his Spider Studios. Ohio Sky's "Yikes" and "Hopeless in Motion" show a new side of the band. "We chose two very heavy and frantic tunes," says frontman Vinny DiFranco. "We have been in and out of the studio, experimenting and recording nonstop." The group is now being handled by Chimaira's management company, Direct Management.

Forged in Flames' two ragged stoner-rock tracks, "Death and Counting" and "Sol Ruiner," segue into each other. "The songs go hand in hand and are somewhat conceptual," says singer Gary Kane. "We have an hour of all-new material we've been writing for our full-length album."

Vendetta Point will release a six-song EP, The Scars, on Saturday, April 3, at Peabody's (2045 E. 21st St.), where they'll be filming for a live DVD. "It's a collection of straightforward rock songs in the vein of Queen and Faith No More," says manager Jonny Sayre a.k.a. Jonny Vegas, former singer with Mushroomhead side project Ventana. Sayre is now working on beat-driven electronic music under the name Animus Inc with programmer Jeff Butchko, his bandmate in the defunct Erase the Grey and Shenoah. Listen at

Captain Kneal and the Noisemakers are now the Lorax Tree. The trippy, trancy prog-rock band plays the Aeon Flux dance party on Friday, April 2, at the Mercury Lounge (1392 W. Sixth St.). The event runs from 10 p.m.-5 a.m., with sets by Justin Nyilas and Brando Zano (from This Is a Shakedown) and the Exigence. DJs Dan Stark and Tanedo will be spinning.

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