Bob Feller Not Impressed by Most Famous Catch in Baseball History


The same reason that a lot of people are irked by Bob Feller is the same reason that I tend to like him very much: he says some crazy shit every once in awhile. Last week was one of those cases. In a long, two-part interview with the Plain Dealer, Feller snuck this little gem in at the end of the second installation, which, coincidentally enough, was titled with Feller's quote, "I try to tell it like it is. If they don't like it, so be it."

PD: The 1954 World Series?

BF: The first thing that comes to mind has to be the Dusty Rhodes' bloop home run.

PD: Not the Willie Mays catch against Vic Wertz?

BF: A lot of center fielders could have caught the ball Mays caught. He put on the act pretty good; he always did. He let his hat fly off, then threw the ball back to the infield. The ball was hit into a small wind. The ball came down like a popup. He was playing shallow, but Vic Wertz was the hitter, so he should not have been playing shallow.

PD: So you're not impressed by the catch.

BF: Not at all. Not at all.

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