Never Mind Tom Bullock's Embellished Claims


The problem with bluffing is that if you're called on it, you can end up looking pretty stupid. And we're calling out Lakewood Democrat Tom Bullock, a candidate for a House seat in state District 13, for misrepresenting news articles in a campaign mailer that attacks his opponent in the May 4 primary.

Bullock, in the mailer sent out to West side voters last week, pats himself on the back for having "stood up to the [Democratic] party bosses and called on Jimmy Dimora to resign." To back up this claim, he cites a June 2009 Scene article (“Thanks a lot, Jimmy”), which quoted Bullock as saying, ""The realm is ill when the king is ill. How do you renew the realm? You need a new king."

So far, so good. But the eager young Bullock didn't trust voters to get it, so he cited the same article as the source for his claim that opponent Nickie Antonio "stands with party bosses in opposing the county government reform effort." But the article did not quote or even mention Antonio.

“It’s a total smear job done with the assumption that people won’t dig any deeper,” says Antonio. “It’s an attack on my integrity with no cause.”