What to Do Tonight: Adrian Belew

So, is that sort of a balding-mans mullet hes rockin?
  • So, is that sort of a balding-man's mullet he's rockin'?

Adrian Belew is primarily renowned for his guitar work in King Crimson, which helped establish him as a visionary talent — particularly for his use of midi on the guitar. But his influence is as pervasive as dandelion seeds. Belew has served as sideman on several classic albums, including Talking Heads’ Remain in Light, Paul Simon’s Graceland and David Bowie’s Lodger. Belew has also collaborated with artists ranging from Trent Reznor to Béla Fleck. In the past two years, he has worked with Les Claypool, Tool’s Danny Carey, and Eric and Julie Slick, siblings who actually graduated from the Paul Green School of Rock Music. Belew’s big break came in the mid-’70s, when Frank Zappa discovered him in Nashville playing with Sweetheart, a costume-rock band. Given Zappa’s virtuosity and intricate arrangements, the fact that Belew doesn’t read music could’ve been a problem. But the strange sounds he could wring from his guitar, as well as his willingness to dress like a freak, won out, and Belew has never looked back. He brings his current “one-man show” to the Winchester at 9 p.m. Fernando Perdomo opens. Tickets: $20. —Chris Parker