Power Rangers

A Stooges reissue tops this week's picks


Iggy and the Stooges: Raw Power: Deluxe Edition


The Stooges' third album — a blast of pre-punk distorted noise — has been remastered, remixed, and reissued plenty of times since its 1973 debut. But this four-disc box wants to be the final word on the subject with outtakes, alternate versions, a live show, and a making-of DVD. The original album remains the highlight, with David Bowie's sterling mix finally vindicated.


Apollo 13: 15th Anniversary Edition


Ron Howard's intense look at the 1970 space mission that ran into some trouble many miles away from home ("Houston, we have a problem") is now out on Blu-ray. Extras include tons of info about the history of Apollo flights, commentary by astronaut Jim Lovell, and the true story behind the movie. This is the first of Howard's celebrated biopics and one of his best.


This Is Big Audio Dynamite:

Legacy Edition


Soon after he left the Clash, Mick Jones formed the sample-heavy, hip-hop-influenced collective Big Audio Dynamite. Their first album is their best. This two-disc set celebrates its 25th anniversary with a CD filled with B-sides, remixes, outtakes, and dub versions. The remastered album (which includes "The Bottom Line" and "E=MC²") has never sounded more alive.


Rock and Roll Will Save Your Life

(Random House)

Subtitled "A Book by and for the Fanatics Among Us (With Bitchin' Soundtrack)," writer Steve Almond's stories read like a typical music fan's journal. He takes time out for the age-old tradition of list-making ("Rock's Biggest Assholes"). He also gives props to much-maligned bands like Styx and Toto. But mostly he expounds on his life as a rock and roll junkie.


You Can't Always Get What You Want


Sam Cutler was the Rolling Stones' tour manager when the band played the doomed Altamont concert where a fan was stabbed to death. He also spent some time in the Grateful Dead camp. It's a wonder he remembered enough to pen this look at his life. There's sex and drugs in these rock and roll stories, but there's also a sense of bemusement, which keeps it grounded.

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