What to Do Tonight: Algernon

Let the music do the talking
  • Let the music do the talking

In the early ’60s, instrumental rock bands were common — the Ventures and Shadows inspired scores of kids to pick up guitars back in the day. But they fell out of fashion once the British Invasion landed. Flash forward to the early ’90s. Blending aspects of post-punk, prog, jazz, and dub, Tortoise opened the door for modern-day vocal-free combos like Algernon, who take a less-oblique approach to their music. Their semi-sweet melodies tickle the inner ear like cool movie themes. Algernon have a volatile sense of dynamics too: Listen for drummer Cory Healey’s fills, which thwack like firecrackers exploding in metal garbage cans. They play Now That’s Class, with DPI, Fascist Insect, and John Revolta opening at 9 p.m. Tickets: $5. —Mark Keresman