What to Do Tonight: Martin Bisi

What? This thing? Dont let it bother you
  • "What? This thing? Don't let it bother you"

Self-described “cultural antagonist” Martin Bisi has said his new, digital-only EP Son of a Gun is more self-referential than its predecessor, last year’s Sirens of the Apocalypse. “While I was writing the songs, I was kind of flipped out that I was writing mostly about girls,” says Bisi, a Brooklyn-based producer affiliated with New York’s No Wave scene in the ’80s (he produced artists like Lydia Lunch, Foetus, and Live Skull). “They’re not fluff songs, but it’s one of those things where you attach a concept to it afterward. It’s about girls that are scary. For me, the essence of the EP is ‘Rise Up Cowboy,’ because it’s this weird, existential masculine thing.” Bisi says the two “Mile High” tunes on the EP are for his daughter, who just turned 18. “She loves the songs about her, and those two songs were like my kind of send-off,” he says. Herky-jerky tunes “Drink Your Wine” and the title track suggest a connection to producer Brian Eno. They're dense, noisy cuts that show that size indeed matters when it comes to production. “I’m good at a certain kind of aggression,” he admits. “I’m good at density, things like that have a lot of elements, and bigness and also detachment. I like my share of dirt.” Bisi’s touring band includes Clevelander and former Cop Shoot Cop guitarist Michael Kaminski and Dresden Doll drummer Brian Viglione Mr. California and Uno Lady open at 9 p.m. at the Happy Dog. Tickets: $5. —Jeff Niesel