Integrity Set Release Date Set, New Trailer Online

Integrity’s The Blackest Curse finally has a release date set. Massachusetts-based hardcore label Deathwish Inc. will release the album on May 25.

The ten-track LP will be the hardcore heroes’ first full release since 2003’s To Die For. Frontman Dwid assembled the video teaser trailer above, which is set to the ambient track "Invocation of the Blackest Curse.”

The record company has some strong hype for the album:

A ten headed beast of an album, ‘The Blackest Curse’ is arguably the most cohesive Integrity release of the last fifteen years. With the first crushing chords of ‘Process of Illumination’ it's apparent that Integrity are back in true form, following the metal/hardcore hybrid blueprint they forged themselves over two decades ago. The blitzkrieg bombardment of songs like ‘Learn To Love The Lie’ and ‘Through The Shadows of Forever’ is unrelenting, while speed demons like ‘Simulacra’ and ‘Spiderwoven’ are as uniquely frenzied as a metallic hardcore can get. It's not all aural brutality though…. Songs like ‘Before The World Was Young’ and ‘Take Hold of Forever’ showcase Integrity's trademark melodious moments as well as their dark experimental tendencies.

And from the tracks we’ve heard over the past couple years, it could be accurate. — D.X. Ferris