Blog About Cougars Declares Ohio One of Top Five States to Find Cougars

All the Ohio cougars go... OH... IO
  • All the Ohio cougars go... OH... IO

Ohio's well acquainted with the scenery behind the woodshed these days. Our schools are in trouble, our politicians inept, our budgets bankrupt, and to top it off, John Stossel hates the West Side Market.

There's little upside to this all, except maybe that our quarterbacks don't rape anyone. They just suck., however, has more good news today. According to its very unscientific polling, Ohio has the 5th most cougars in this beautiful fetish-obsessed nation of ours. California, Texas, New York and Florida come in above the Buckeye State in Courtney Cox's Per Capita (CCPC), but Ohio still is the heart of it all, the birthplace of aviation, and home to an alarming number of older women who think Robert Pattinson is totally hot. Anyone else thinking new license plate slogan?