Ian Petrella, Actor Who Played Randy in A Christmas Story, Playing Randy Again

Dont forget, its dangerous to drink the bleach.
  • Don't forget, it's dangerous to drink the bleach.

A Christmas Story, the annual holiday reminder about gun safety, is a endless fruit basket of weird Cleveland news thanks to the A Christmas Story house in Tremont. For example, the uber fan who paid thousands of dollars at an auction last year for the privilege of sleeping in the house one night.

This year, the house and museum is getting a more famous resident. Well, famous is a relative term.

According to Michael McIntyre, Ian Petrella, the actor who played Randy, will be living in the house for two months this summer. A little sad? Perhaps. But who are we to knock Petrella for cashing in on the only famous thing he's ever done when Michael Stanley's still getting work too. You've got to make a living somehow.

The man who played little brother Randy as a kid actor in "A Christmas Story" plans to move back into the Cleveland house where the movie was filmed. Ian Petrella, who still fits in Randy's favorite spot under the sink, will spend July and August in the house — now a tourist attraction for lovers of the film — giving tours and recounting his experiences eating like a piggy and wearing so many layers to go outside that he couldn't even put his arms down.

For $5 extra, Petrella will also come to your house and sleep beneath your kitchen sink.