ACLU Challenges Transition Secrecy... Again

This guy hates secrecy.
  • This guy hates secrecy.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio has filed a lawsuit against Cuyahoga County government transition leaders, saying those leaders have failed to comply with the state's Sunshine Laws.

The open government watchdog contends that the county has wrongly withheld documents about the formation and workings of the transition's executive committee. Scene wrote about the ACLU's concerns earlier this month in "Some Sunshine But Mostly Cloudy."

"From the new charter's inception, transition leaders have promised transparency to the public," says ACLU Ohio Executive Director Christine Link in a written statement. "Unfortunately, they continue to ignore the people's demand for full access by maintaining that the law does not apply to them."

The ACLU filed their complaint with the Ohio Supreme Court. Read the complaint here.Damian Guevara