What to Do Tonight: Leatherface

Got a boat, mate?
  • "Got a boat, mate?"

It’s impossible to overlook the effect Hot Water Music have had on contemporary punk. From Gainesville to Green Bay, you can hear their influence in hoarse-voiced frontmen, detailed basslines, and thick, competing slabs of guitar. Yet, all these idiosyncrasies — the gruff vocals, intricate rhythms, and ability to mesh pop-punk with D.C. post-hardcore — were old hat for Leatherface by the time Hot Water Music even hit the scene in the mid-’90s. Formed in Thatcher-era England, Leatherface take smart, scrappy punk and add fuzzy, disgruntled layers to it. The group’s songs aren’t just raw and emotive; they’re dense and intricate. Melodies appear through the haze of gravelly musings, while guitar lines crawl over each other. Theirs is a gritty and compressed sound that transcends, despite its limitations. It’s also a sound that has worked its way into modern punk consciousness. Leatherface play Now That’s Class at 9 p.m. The Casting Out, Ninja Gun, the Fucking Cops, and Two Hand Fools open. Tickets: $5. —Matt Whelihan