Red Sox: Victor Martinez Is A Bad Catcher Because of the Indians


Victor Martinez was never that great of a defensive catcher, but he had some serviceable years mixed in with those where he failed to throw out just about any base stealers.

His percentage of runners caught stealing was 32% in 2007, 37% in 2008 before dropping off to 14% in 2009.

After the recent debacle when nine, NINE, runners stole on old Victor, the Boston Red Sox decided it was time to blame the Indians for his lack of throwing efficiency. Yep, because in 2007 and 2008 he was just horrible here, right?. (Victor has thrown out only 7 of 28 would-be runners this year.)

Via Hardball Talk, here's the quote from catching instructor Gary Tuck on WEEI:

"Sure, absolutely, just because of his work ethic," Tuck said when asked if he was encouraged by Martinez' progress. "He listens. Things take time. There's a process. He came over here with some really bad habits. You can't break them overnight. He's worked on them in the spring, and now the season is a whole different ballgame."

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