More on the ACLU's Cuyahoga County Transition Lawsuit


The first legal challenge to Cuyahoga County’s transition to a charter government hit the docket last week when the American Civil Liberties Union filed suit against the architects of the transition. At issue is the leaders’ alleged failure to comply with Ohio’s open-records or “sunshine” laws.

The lawsuit shatters the county record for Fastest Allegation of Misconduct Against a Newly Created Government; the previous mark was set in 1809 for unlawful use of a county horse for private business.
The ACLU contends that the county has wrongly withheld documents about the formation and workings of the transition’s executive committee, an overseeing body made up of public officials and business executives. Scene wrote about the ACLU’s concerns in the April 14 story “Some Sunshine but Mostly Cloudy.”

Comments from the ACLU after the jump.