Illinois On Front Line of Great Lakes Carp Invasion Defense

Asian carp: Good for hugging, bad for Lake Erie.
  • Asian carp: Good for hugging, bad for Lake Erie.

The headline from the Chicago Tribune today reads: "Second chemical attack on Asian carp planned."

They make it sound like Illinois is laying down some agent orange whoopass on the carp, carpet bombing the living daylights out of the hordes of miscreants who, should they reach the Great Lakes, could wreck some environmental damage. It's hard not to read that and imagine a fighter pilot soaring over Illinois, talking into his mic: "Uh, this is Carp Carpet Bomber One. I'm in position. 5000 pounds of bunker-busting bombs locked and loaded. Those little buggers will never see it coming." And the response coming from headquarters: "Fire at will."

It's all a little (or, a lot) less Vietnam than that, but Illinois is really attacking those Asian carp that are threatening to invade our Great Lakes (as you can read in Scene's recent cover story here.)

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