Ohio Has Some Tall Trees, So We've Got That Going For Us

I dont see any cucumbers. I do see good firewood.
  • I don't see any cucumbers. I do see good firewood.

That there is a cucumber magnolia, and not just any cucumber magnolia, but the tallest one in the country. Impressive, no?

The National Register of Big Trees has unleashed the 2010 list of the biggest trees per species and Ohio is home to ten of them. Before we get to the ones on the list, let it be known that Ohio does not have the tallest Ohio Buckeye tree. That honor goes to Illinois, which is some sort of indication that LeBron is going to play for the Bulls, right?

Measuring in at 79 feet tall and 24 feet of girth, the cucumber magnolia is in North Canton and is purported to be 430-years-old, which means that it's larger than Jimmy Dimora and Dick Feagler was probably the guy who planted the original seed.

According to the Mansfield News Journal, Ohio's nine other winners are an "American sycamore, eastern cottonwood, American elm, shingle oak, Kentucky coffeetree, Atlantic white-cedar, Oriental arborvitae, hortulan plum and downy hawthorne."