How Much Dough Did Cleveland's Early Exit From the Playoffs Save Cavs Fans?


With a season full of a sellouts, promise (ha!) of a championship, and the greatest player on the planet, it wasn't hard to imagine the marketplace demand for Cavs playoff tickets had the Wine and Gold advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals.

Clevelanders would have shelled out plenty of dough for the chance to sit in the Q and be witnesses. Exactly how much?

From the Wall Street Journal:

If the NBA's Eastern Conference Finals series plays out like Sunday's four-point opener, fans are in for a good ride. It should be relatively cheap to see in person, too. According to ticket-price aggregator, fans would have had to pay an average of $349 to see LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers play a home game for this round. But the Cavs didn't make it, and the average resale ticket price for the teams that did, the Boston Celtics and Orlando Magic, is $157.81 and $157.90, respectively.

Put that found money to good use, Clevelanders. Like your church, the Cleveland Food Bank, or vodka.

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