Speculating on Jennifer Brunner's Future

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  • Help me help you.

Since Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner lost the May 4 Democratic U.S. Senate primary by a much narrower margin than her fund-raising deficit should have allowed, many have been wondering whether she would end her political career when she hands over her office over in January.

Brunner could easily return to the law career she pursued for 13 years before being elected to a judicial seat in Franklin County in 2000. But her Facebook followers couldn’t help noticing that she’s been keeping up an active stream of comments on everything from Elena Kagan’s nomination to the Supreme Court to offshore oil drilling to financial reform. And she was one of a small group of state politicians who greeted President Obama at V&M Star Steel in Youngstown when he visited May 18 to tout new jobs being created. (Her victorious opponent, Lee Fisher, who says his signature issue is job creation, was conspicuously absent.)

Late last week, she sent out an e-mail that made it clear she doesn’t intend to go away — but not tipping her hand about her exact plans.