Northeast Ohio Music Releases

Call Me Constant

In Here Is the Center, In Here It Is Clear


Together for a decade, Call Me Constant wield an armory of musical weapons on their debut EP. The quartet brandishes a ferocious style of alt-pop in "A Russian Winter," which features scorching guitar licks as axe slingers Stephen Mlinarcik and Jonathan Schlea spit out riffs and solos with crackling electricity. Paul Barnes' powder-keg percussion carries "Aronofsky," splitting the band's soundscapes with thunderous drums. "An Evening in Question" shows Matt Kenyon's precise bass work, aiming arrows straight into Mlinarcik's Rivers Cuomo-style vocals. — Keith Gribbins

Call Me Constant, with Endo Orphans and Winters Warm. 9 p.m. Friday, May 28, at the Winchester, 12112 Madison Ave. Tickets are $5. Call 216-226-5681 or go to

Quinn Sands

Driving Through the Rain

(Leap of Faith)

Since she inherited the band that used to perform with rootsy singer-songwriter Oliver Buck, alt-country singer Quinn Sands sounds particularly assured on Driving Through the Rain's collection of mid-tempo ballads. "Music City" opens with a sinewy guitar riff that gives the song an edge. Slower cuts like "See About Me" and "Green Light" fall a bit flat, but that's partially because the sparse production doesn't really give the songs the muscle they need. Sands is at her best when she shows some sass, like she does in "Mo Cheol Thu (You Are My Music)" and "Pick in My Pocket." — Jeff Niesel

Quinn Sands. 8 p.m. Friday, May 28, at Dewey's Coffee, 13201 Shaker Square. Admission is free. Call 216-991-1101