What to Do Tonight: Basia

Last names are for losers
  • Last names are for losers

The cool, cosmopolitan Basia made her initial solo mark in 1987 with Time and Tide, a suave album that cemented the singer’s alliance with keyboardist Danny White and yielded a hit in the title track. Basia Trzetrzelewska and White met in Matt Bianco, a group from the early ’80s. Millions of album sales later, Basia is touring behind It's That Girl Again, a fresh collection showcasing her smooth, rangy expression of global pop. Basia and her band, including White, will play Nighttown at 7 and 9 p.m. as part of a 10-gig U.S. tour. Like her contemporary, the more supple, sultry, and similarly single-named Sade, Basia aims to snare you with sinuous melodies and styles spanning Latin, gospel, and slinky soul-jazz. While she’s not really part of a movement, Basia’s approach and attitude fit right in with smooth jazz. How contemporary she still is should ring clear at this show, a fitting setting for her brand of confidential, intimate artistry. Tickets are $40. —Carlo Wolff

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