Ohio Man Named Jim Joyce Fielding Angry Vulgar Phone Calls Meant for Umpire Jim Joyce

This is not the Jim Joyce you want, Tigers fans.
  • This is not the Jim Joyce you want, Tigers fans.

While pretty much everyone involved in the Jim Joyce/Armando Gallaraga nonperfecto gaffe comported themselves with grace and compassion, there were obviously a few Tigers fans who were pretty pissed off, enough so to try to get in touch with Joyce to let him know how they felt.

When they learned that Joyce was a Toledo-native, industrious but misguided fans looked up the name Jim Joyce and Toledo and found a phone number. Problem is, it's not the number for umpire Jim Joyce. It's just some random guy who shares the name. Lucky for him, right? He's actually a Tigers fan himself, too.

So the phone calls started coming, by the dozens, full of witty lines about prescriptive eyewear and plenty of vulgarities. Toledo Jim Joyce had to shut off his phone.

Somebody even posted his name, address and phone number on Facebook. Thursday morning the misidentified Jim Joyce had to cancel his home phone service.

"Everybody was pretty irate quite honestly," Joyce said, describing the calls. "A lot of them are vulgar things. Some of them were funny about me needing new glasses but then they'd follow it up with vulgarity as well."

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