Akron Man Launches "9-oil-11" Side Business In Response to BP Oil Spill

Trucker hats: The preferred medium of hipster protesters.
  • Trucker hats: The preferred medium of hipster protesters.

What good is an international disaster if you can’t make a buck off it? Akron businessman David Keller has launched an online store in response to BP’s dark comedy unfolding off the coast of Louisiana. The site — www.9oil11.com — is dedicated to hawking shirts and hats with the inscrutably damning logo “9-oil-11.” Keller calls the swag “environmental unity gear.”

“This came up in light of the unbelievable problem and the failure to do anything about it, which is comparable to 9/11,” Keller helpfully explains. If the bucks roll in, he plans to consider giving some of the proceeds to charity — a refreshing change of pace from more traditional environmentalists who tackily promise charitable proceeds up front.

“We want to do something dramatic to focus urgency on the situation,” says Keller, who also operates three online dating sites devoted to focusing urgency on that situation too.