Afternoon Brew: Millenium Park, Sextuplets, YMCA Bathrooms, and Biking

Its fun to peep at the YMCA.
  • It's fun to peep at the YMCA.

Good morning, Cleveland. Here's some stuff to read while you check your bathroom for video cameras.

— A Geauga YMCA employee found a small video camera inside an air freshener that was taped on a wall in a men's bathroom. Anyone who's ever been in a YMCA bathroom knows whatever the camera captured couldn't have been pretty. (News Herald)

— An Ohio couple welcomed sextuplets into the world this week. The father quipped that he's probably going to be working some overtime soon to support his new family. True, until the kids are five, then they can work too. (

— Cleveland's use of the lakefront is downright embarrassing. Here's a call to make something like Chicago's Millennium Park for the Forest City on the shores of Lake Erie. With the year 3000 just 990 years away, city officials wonder if they'll be able to hit the deadline. (

— An Ohio man is biking 800 miles to Massachusetts for his high school reunion. Surely his fellow classmates will finally think he's cool. (Columbus Dispatch)