What to Do Tonight: CocoRosie

Yeah, their music is kinda annoying too
  • Yeah, their music is kinda annoying too

CocoRosie">CocoRosie’s Bianca and Sierra Casady make up one of indie-rock’s most divisive groups. Some music fans hate their albums; others call them revelatory. Whatever your opinion is on them, their fourth CD, Grey Oceans, features a more palatable version of their folk and electronica mix. “Smokey Taboo” incorporates Indian melodies, while “Lemonade” and “Undertaker” sound like telegrams from the netherworld. In “The Moon Asked the Crow,” they throw in a bit of acid funk just for fun; “Gallows” is another one of their twisted lullabies. Grey Oceans is steeped in pretension, but it’s an intriguing ride nonetheless. CocoRosie, with Diane Cluck, play the Beachland Ballroom at 9 p.m.. Tickets: $18 advance, $20 day of show. —Jeremy Willets

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