Ray's Indoor Mountain Bike Park Expanding to Milwaukee

Just like this, but in Wisconsin.
  • Just like this, but in Wisconsin.

Northeast Ohio bike enthusiasts have made Ray's a rousing success from almost the minute the gem of an idea became a ramp-laden reality. That oasis of indoor biking will not be Cleveland's alone, however, as Ray Petro will soon open a similar facility in Milwaukee.

Bike Radar (via Crain's Cleveland Business) has the details:

The new facility plans to offer a similar experience to mountain bike riders that the original Ray’s location in Cleveland provides, though, the fresh start will allow Ray’s staff to show off what five years of indoor trail construction experience can produce when given a ‘clean slate’.

"The recipe for Ray’s is that it’s closed in the summer,” said Eric Schutt, Ray’s general manager told BikeRadar. “So we’re able to take that time and refine the park every year. That means expansion that means revision with the goal of trying to get things perfect.”

The new 110,000-square-foot facility will also focus on cross-country biking.

Ray has wanted to expand, specifically in Milwaukee, for some time, but funding issues always derailed the plans. According to Bike Radar, Trek, a longtime sponsor of Ray's, stepped in with enough money to make the expansion to Beer and Brat Land possible. Trek's offices are very close to Milwaukee, so it made sense for them to lay down some cash.