Have You Heard the Leaked Pearl Jam Song?

Better men, better days, better song
  • Better men, better days, better song

Have you heard the unreleased Pearl Jam song that's been going around the past couple days?

Fans have been speculating over its origin since "Better Days" leaked a couple days ago — guessing it's something from the Riot Act sessions to something more recent.

Well, it turns out it isn't an old Pearl Jam song after all.

It's an Eddie Vedder solo song from the soundtrack to the upcoming Eat Pray Love (it's a Julia Roberts movie I have no intention of ever seeing). Entertainment Weekly has the whole story.

Either way, it's not a bad song. Vedder sings in his deep, serious voice, so don't expect to break any sweat bouncing around the room to it.

What to do you think of it? Did you even think it was a Pearl Jam cut the first time you heard it? Or did you call it as one of Vedder's solo deals? —Michael Gallucci (follow me on Twitter @mgallucci)