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Fact: You can't get sunburned indoors


Shutter Island


One of the year's best, most underrated movies is now out on DVD. And it's a moody, psychological thriller elevated by Martin Scorsese's subtle direction and Leonardo DiCaprio's twitchy performance. You'll probably guess the twist about halfway in, but that doesn't dilute any of the chills. Still not as scary as Robert De Niro's stomach in Raging Bull though.


Playlist: The Very Best of the Dixie Chicks


I love these Texas loudmouths, who handpicked the dozen songs that make up this collection of hit singles and choice album tracks. It spans Wide Open Spaces' terrific title cut to Taking the Long Way's "Lubbock or Leave It." In between is some of the finest, smartest country music of the past decade (like the spunky "Not Ready to Make Nice"). Think George W. has a copy?


John Mellencamp:

On the Rural Route 7609


This four-disc collection isn't your typical box set. For starters, many of Mellencamp's biggest songs aren't included. The 54 career-spanning tracks are compiled by theme, telling a story of a long-gone America. Faves like "Rain on the Scarecrow," "Jack and Diane," and "Pink Houses" are here, but it's the obscure cuts — and some unheard demos — that drive this Route.


You Really Got Me: The Story of the Kinks


There's enough vintage Kinks klips here to make up for the dumb-ass programming. Seriously, why show the entire "Do It Again" video but only a few seconds of the band playing "The Village Green Preservation Society" live on TV in the late '60s? It's a thorough history lesson too. But what's with Ray Davies' Pee-wee Herman suit during the '80s concert scenes?


The Stepfather

(Shout! Factory)

Think Terry O'Quinn was badass as John Locke on Lost? Check him out in this 1987 cult classic, making its Blu-ray debut. He plays a guy obsessed with the perfect family. When his previous wife and kids didn't live up to expectations, did he slaughter them? Extras include director commentary and a making-of doc. It's way better than last year's lame remake.

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