Dana Depew, Cleveland Artist, Lands Chandelier Installation in St. Joseph, MI

Whoa, dude.
  • Whoa, dude.

Cleveland installation artist Dana Depew's known for his colorful, whacked-out lighting fixtures made from recycled water and fuel storage tanks. Some are glossy. Some are furry. All of them make you feel like you just munched shrooms in the candy aisle.

DePew says it’s been a dream to score a public art commission for his lights. He once put together a proposal for Slavic Village, then couldn’t get anyone to sign on. But if he can’t get the attention of local leaders, he’s at least bent the right ears in rural Michigan.

This Friday, three outdoor chandeliers made by Depew will be unveiled in the humble burg of St. Joseph (pop. 8,789). If it doesn’t pack the glamour of, say, a Slavic Village, it’s at least getting his name out. “I’m hoping I can parlay this into an installation in Cleveland,” says Depew, whose day job, perhaps not coincidentally, involves manufacturing chemical solvents.