What to Do Tonight: D.O.A.

Real punk rockers cut off their sleeves
  • Real punk rockers cut off their sleeves

While few punks are able to sustain their revolutionary zeal for more than a decade, Canadian trailblazers D.O.A. are entering their 33rd year with little diminishment in spirit or energy. In that time, singer-guitarist Joey “Shithead” Keithley has been the only constant — other than the band’s rugged, hard-charging attack and authority-questioning stance. D.O.A. are credited as one of the originators of hardcore punk — specifically because of their album Hardcore ’81, perhaps the first use of the descriptive moniker — but their sound is more deeply informed by the Sex Pistols, particularly the searing guitar riffs that channel Chuck Berry via Steve Jones. (Indeed, the tempos aren’t that fast, and the vocals are clearly discernible.) Like their ’70s punk contemporaries, D.O.A.’s lyrics tend toward the irreverent (“If I Were a Redneck”) political (“Consume! Consume!” “Death to the Multinationals”), and confrontational (“I Don’t Give a Shit,” “Fuck You!”). Though suffused with wry self-aware wit, D.O.A. are more than apathetic slogan-slingers, lending their hand to a variety of sociopolitical causes. Keithley’s longtime motto (and the title of the band’s latest album) is Talk-Action=0. It’s the group’s third release in as many years, and it’s quite good, demonstrating plenty of livewire vibrancy and smart rabble-rousing bite. D.O.A., with Shellshag, Shotbaker, the Pallbearers, and the Episodes, plays Now That's Class at 9 p.m. Tickets are $10. Call 216-221-8576 or go to myspace.com/nowthatsclass.—Chris Parker

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